Arnison Crag Horseshoe 

Race Route and Records

Arnison Crag Horseshoe is a scenic and challenging fell race with 300m/1000 ft of climbing. The 5 km/3 mile route combines many traditional aspects of fell running:  mud, rocky descent, hands on knee climbing and some fantastic skyline running.  The course will be flagged and marshalled.


The current male record of 22.30 is held jointly by Rhys Findlay-Robinson of Dark Peak (2014) and Carl Bell of Keswick (2018).  The ladies’ record of 25.49 was set by Hannah Horsburgh of Keswick in 2019.


A map of the race route will be available shortly.  Please note that there will be no recycling on the day of the area known as the Hag as this is used for the sheep trials which are such an important part of Patterdale Dog Day.  Any runner found recycling will be disqualified – even Carl Bell!!


How to enter

The ladies’ race will start at 12 noon and there is a limit of 100 runners.  The men’s race will be at 3.00 pm with a limit of 300 runners.  Entries will be in advance via Sport Ident  from mid July (details to follow).   The cost for entering is £10.00.  Runners on the FRA’s guaranteed entry list will have first chance to enter;  a week later entries will be open to FRA members; a week after that entries will be open to non-FRA members.  See for details of FRA membership. 



The show field can’t accommodate this number of runners – sorry.  We are organising separate FREE car parking for all the fell runners (details to follow).  This will be a maximum of 10 minutes walk from the show field.  If you choose to park on the show field, you will charged the entry fee of £5.00 per person.  As always, please car share where possible.


Other stuff

Please bring full kit with you and expect to run with it.  It’s a bank holiday and we can expect all sorts of weather.  And there will be kit checks.



We hope you enjoy your run.  It is a fabulous route and Patterdale Dog Day has lots going on so please bring your family, friends and mother-in-law.


Thank you to Pete Bland Sports, Innov8 and Catstycam Outdoor Shop from Glenridding for their support and prizes.


Any offers of help, gratefully received!

Childrens Fell Race

Open to all Children aged 11 years and under 
Open Prizes 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Children not attending Patterdale School are only eligible for prizes in the open class.
For those attending Patterdale school;
Lord Lonsdale Perpetual Challenge Trophy (to be held for one year)
& Souvenir Spoon (to be won outright) for best placed child.
Also prize money and trophy (for 1st place) for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd placed boys & girls. 
Girls trophy kindly donated by the Dog Day committee
Boys trophy donated by the Dog Day committee